We help technology partners to:


  • Improve and expand commercialisation
  • Enhance customer value proposition
  • Modify business models
  • Forge win-win partnerships

Our values

We believe in three fundamental targets for every business to generate growth, money and positive energy

Proven track record 
to growth


Who is AMA?

Matthias Augustyniak

I have worked all my life in global markets, and enjoyed developing businesses.

My key believes are:

  • Every change starts with want.¬† The how, when and who will follow. Without the will¬† and conviction it is very difficult to succeed.
  • There is a solution to each problem.
  • Every business must focus on customer value. Best products if not recognized by the clients are seldom successful.

If you need a sparring partner with relevant experience, please contact me. We will find out, if our skills and personalities complement each other.

Matthias Augustyniak has an electrical engineering degree from the University in Darmstadt. 
His professional career progressed with various national and international assignments 
in engineering and sales with leading companies in the Machine Manufacturing Industry.


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